Event Reviews:

We had a WONDERFUL time working with you all! Not only was working with you a breeze, we thoroughly enjoyed spending the evening listening to you all play! What a great group you all have put together! We loved every minute of it, and so did all the attendees. We heard nothing but great things about y’all’s performance, and can’t wait to (hopefully) have you back next summer!

2017 Flying Horse Summer Concert Series

The music was wonderful. The professionalism was spot on. We would definitely hire them again for our next event. A+++

Gigmaster Review (2017)

On a scale of 5, Slopside gets a 10 all around. They were phenomenal. So much more than we could have dreamed of. Every guest commented on how fantastic the music was. We were looking for just the right group to get everyone dancing and having fun. Their musicianship and voices are fantastic! Music to me is the most important part of any party, and the music at our event made it the wedding of the century! I cannot thank them enough!!

Gigmaster Wedding Review (2017)

Slopseside was perfect for our event. Everyone complimented on how good they were and the variety of music. We were very satisfied and hope to host another event with them in the future.

Gigmaster Party Review (2016)

This was a smaller event at our club but the band was great at accommodating our needs. They played to the crowd and everyone enjoyed themselves. I would recommend this band.

Gigmasters Club Event (2016)

Slopeside did an amazing job playing for our wedding. They were professional, talented, and all around just an unbelievable group of musicians. We could not have been happier with Slopeside – They were easy to work with and delivered a fantastic performance.

Gigmaster Wedding Review (2016)

This band blew me away. We took a chance, having never heard the band live prior, to contract them to perform at our wedding. They learned songs for my wife and I, they catered to a crowd of varying age ranges, they were on time, professional, worked with me tirelessly on the setlists. Performed three full sets. I cannot say enough great things about Slopeside. They made our wedding extremely special, and I would work with them again in a heart beat. I have to add that they also performed for our ceremony (two acoustic guitars and vocals), and brought all their own equipment, and were able to play outdoors in a mountain setting. I cannot thank them enough.

Gigmasters Review (2015)

THANK YOU once again for being such a great part of our Valentines Day event.  We had great response from everyone.

Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch (2015)

No two ways about it; Slopeside was absolutely excellent! Their catalog is vast and they are excellent at everything they play, their original stuff is great as well…They went above and beyond their initial commitment to us. Slopeside is only a 5 star band because 6 stars are not available; I cannot recommend them enough! Their concert was the perfect end to a perfect day!

Gigmasters Review (2014)

Slopeside was GREAT! Amazing music, wonderful people – they were so pleasant and professional to work with, and they did a fantastic job … THANK YOU, Slopeside! We feel so lucky to have worked with you!

Gigmaster Review (2014)

Great show once again! Love this Cd a few songs gave me goosebumps!!!

Facebook Friend

We loved you! I received tons of compliments and
very excited remarks! We will surely invite Slopeside
back in the future.

Boyd Lake Summer Concert Series

Thank you for helping us raise over $10,000 at our event last week. It was the most successful benefit show we’ve ever had!

Rocky Mountain Cancer Foundation

Album Reviews:

One Lane Town (2014)

This is Slopeside’s third full-length album and it does not disappoint. The album keeps you guessing after each song. There is a different sound on each song, keeping it interesting throughout. They walk the line between folk, blues, rock, pop, and a little reggae and it works well for them. On their website they describe their music as “Fleetwood Mac meets Tom Petty at a Pink Floyd concert,” which is an almost perfect description of their music style. They have been performing around Colorado since 2005 and they keep gaining more traction and recognition. The mixture of both female and male vocals makes a nice change throughout the album. The album starts off with the amazing song “Faded” and keeps getting better with highs and lows. “Ophelia” is another song that stands out on the album; the song is slower but so beautiful and reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac you could listen to it in any mood.

Scene Magazine

One Lane Town (2014)

Arn and Karen Current, the two biggest voices in the Front Range rock group Slopeside, both have great ranges and they compliment one another incredibly well on this new album One Lane Town.

The band, which is spread out across the Front Range, made the sonically solid album at Coupe Studios and that effort helps elevate some of the songs beyond Slopside’s simple Rocky Mountain rock style.

Marquee Magazine

One Lane Town (2014)

As a Colorado native, when I hear the term ‘slopeside’ I think of having a tasty, cold beer at the base after skiing hard all day long. It’s a great feeling of accomplishment and relaxation.

The Colorado band Slopeside brings a new meaning to the term: energetic rock music, which may also go great with a cold brew (what doesn’t?).

Slopeside is made up of Cody Culver on guitar and keyboard, Trish Bontz on bass and vocals, Norris Jones on drums, Karen Current on vocals, and Arn Current on vocals and guitar. After enjoying their self-titled album released in August of 2009, as well as Road to Oblivion released in February of 2011, I was excited to get my hands on their new album, One Lane Town. Don’t miss their CD release party at Avogadro’s Number on Sunday, June 22 at 7 p.m. with tickets only $5. In the meantime, enjoy this album review, which will hopefully convince you to spend your Sunday night at Avo’s.

One of the great things about Slopeside is the beautiful harmonies of Karen and Arn Current. The second song of their new album, ‘Moonshine,’ displays this talent perfectly. The powerful connection that these two singers have is clearly shown when playing live, but you can also hear it in this recorded track, making it one of my favorite on the album.

Let’s not forget those instrumental players, though. ‘Twisted Line’ lets Bontz and Arn Current show off with great bass and guitar riffs, as well as the percussion talent of Jones.

While this band may be defined as a rock band, there are definitely some hints of country and blues in this album. ‘Ophelia’ is a great example of this (and one of my favorite tracks), where the ladies take it away on the vocals with meaningful and passionate lyrics. While this track is more of a slow-dance song, there is plenty to get up and jam to on this album, such as ‘Faded,’ ‘Fly,’ and ‘Better off This Way.’ This combo of styles and rhymes is part of what makes this an awesome album.

‘Better off This Way’ is the perfect end to a great album, and possibly (again) my favorite track on this CD. The album takes you on a musical journey, starting up-beat, moving into some slow music, and leaving you with a good feeling that listening to this 11-song album was an excellent use of your time, earning it 3.5 out of 4 stars.

Entertaining Fort Collins

Road to Oblivion (2011)

With only one CD release in the past six years, it’s obvious that Slopeside is not a band to rush things.  Now, no longer a one CD band, Slopeside’s sophomore release hit’s the public sat feb 19th with a CD release party at the Walnut room. While their first release may have been admirable, Road to oblivion is probably their finest work to date.

Wrapped in warm, rich, flowing melodies, the vocals don’t pop, rather they become a part of the music itself, perfectly melding with the ebb and flow of the notes. On most songs his voice is smooth as silk, but a rasp is just under the surface straining to get out and not always kept in check. The rasp is there when needed, which is not often, as the style of the songs rarely call for it. More often than not the songs call for a harmonizing that comes across as close to perfect as you can get.

The songs, by and large, teeter on the classic rock, soft rock, contemporary edge never really falling one way or the other, while just a couple songs give a nod to folk and country.

Neither folk or country ‘She’s So Fine’ is more of swinging tune that almost boarders on rockabilly but reigns it in just enough to stay consistent with the rest of the album. The safe bet says this song is about a car/hotrod, but it could all be completely tongue in cheek. The distorted guitar on this song should seem out of place when it bursts to life without warning, however, the song  almost begs for the rough guitar at the end and it probably wouldn’t sound as good any other way.

Pick any song on this CD and not one of them would sound any good other than the way they were deliberately written. From the country tinged ‘Rodeo’, to the epic sounding beginning of ‘Liberty’, to the pure emotion of ‘Love You More’, every song on this CD is solid, showing just how adept all the members of this band are at their specific parts when it comes to writing.

As solid as the writing is, it is also full of emotion rounding out the over all feel of the CD nicely. Soothing, and tranquil, this album would be ideal to listen to in times of tenderness with a significant other, or if you’re hoping to make someone a significant other. Most, If not all, of the songs on this album deal with very real, everyday situations making it easy to relate to just about every word that is sung. Been hurt in a relationship? There’s a song for you here. Ever love someone so much that is was hard to put into words? There’s a song for that as well.

Best listened to on a snowy day, snuggled in a blanket with a log crackling in the fireplace, this CD screams professionalism, heart and talent and as long as you’re not expecting loud, crunchy guitar, screaming vocals and you’re okay with a more grown up style of contemporary music this album should bring a smile to your lips.

Tom Walsh, Interstatealive